- UK specialists and supplier of high quality cutters, benders and straighteners. For a full range of rebar benders, rebar cutters, rebar bender-cutters, rebar straighteners and hand sheering machines. Diamond, La Roche and more.

Rebar Benders

Bar Bender
Ranges of benders from compact portable mini benders - portable on-Site benders bending up to 32mm rebars and also a Portable Hand Rebar Bender.

Rebar Cutters

hbc81t6 bar cutter
Whatever your job requirements we can offer the correct cutter to meet them with our smooth, easy cutting, hydraulic, light weight and heavy duty professional cutter range

Cordless Rebar Cutters

HCC-16BL Rebar Cutter
Our cordless rebar cutters are light-weight, powerful and offer the ultimate in portability.

Rebar Bender-Straighteners

HBB-32HPW bar bender
High capacity portable hand-held machines able to bend and straighten re-bar up to 32mm High tensile in situ.

Rebar Bender-Cutters

Invest in a Bender/Cutter for increased productivity, an invaluable asset to on-site work.

Diesel Bar Benders

Diesel Bar Bender
A range of diesel bar benders and diesel rebar cutters which are an invaluable asset to on-site work where mains power is unavailable.

Manual Rebar Benders

LACO20 - 16B - manual bar bender
Affordable manually operated re-bar benders designed to be table mounted for ease of operation. Allow you to bend loose rebar up to 20mm diameter high tensile steel with minimum fuss and cost.